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On July 26 – 28, Lemnos Philema, the Gastronomy and Wine Festival of Lemnos will take place for the third year, showcasing local gastronomy through an interactive and authentic manner, through hospitality and celebration.

The festival consists of several events, starting with the three-day event at the cultural space “Apothiki” located at the Old Port of Myrina, where Lemnian producers present their numerous products of excellent quality. Visitors will be able to taste traditional pasta, cheese, sweets, salted seafood, wine, preserved meats, legumes, flour, herbs, olive oil, and more, as well as get to know the people who produce them. Meanwhile, restaurants of the island will be featuring the “Lemnos Philema Menu”, a menu created based on local dishes and produce from the island presenting the full spectrum of Lemnian gastronomy. Parallel events such as the Live Cooking Session will be happening at “Apothiki” on Saturday, July 27th where visitors will have the opportunity to taste dishes cooked by Greek chefs, based on Lemnian products. 

Join Lemnos Philema to taste the rich gastronomy of Lemnos and explore its traditions!


Organized by: Antheia Kotsi, Apothiki

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