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 photo by Thanasis Panos Apothiki Limnos | Event and Exhibition Space Greece

Who we are:

The venue “Apothiki” welcomes cultural, educational and social events (both private and corporate) and is situated in Myrina on the Greek island of Limnos. The island lies between Asia Minor and Mount Athos and on a clear day you can see the sun setting behind this holy mountain from the western beaches of Myrina. 
Apothiki was originally the old fish market, housed in a neoclassical building which has been renovated and transformed into a contemporary art space venue with state of the art facilities.
The venue overlooks the little, picturesque old harbour of the town where small craft are moored against the beautiful and dramatic backdrop of a 12th century Byzantine fortress. Traditional old style coffee houses and small tavernas are nearby and the town main shops are a stroll away. 
Limnos is one of the larger Greek islands and sits pretty in the deep blue waters of the north Aegean Sea. Despite its size, it has managed to resist becoming a tourist hub and offers an authentic Greek island life experience. 

About Apothiki

Apothiki offers the ideal venue for hosting conferences and activities, including events for:
  • Art and photographic exhibitions
  • Amateur theatrical performances
  • Local cultural and community associations
  • Workshops
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Private events, including christenings, parties, weddings   
  • Cinema Clubs
For those travelling to the island for such events, nearby accommodation can also be arranged through Apothiki’s collaboration with Limnos Experience. For information on accommodation please visit

About Limnos

Limnos is a historic island, known in Ancient Greece to be the island of Hephaestus, the god of fire.  The island’s ancient history and mythological ancestry, give Limnos its unique character. It offers a rich tapestry of history, myth and legend and a unique beautiful natural environment and hosts a number of archaeological sites and Byzantine churches open for visitors. Of particular note is Poliochni, which was contemporary to Troy, and is one of the more remarkable pre-historic settlements of the island. Poliochni was developed as an organized urban center with the first “chamber of deputies” in the world – one of the most ancient instances of democracy. Limnos also played host to the granary of ancient Athens and the Byzantine Empire.
To the east, the island has rich wetlands with and salt lakes and birdwatchers gather to the island to revel in the 279 species of birds which can be observed there. The entire island is included in the “Natura 2000” network due to its blooming fauna and flora, which is protected under guidelines of the European Union.
Those who love to explore their natural surroundings will be in their element in Limnos where the stunning arid landscape of the island with beautiful, mostly sandy, beaches, rolling hills, rugged coastlines, dramatic cliff faces and volcanic craters will provide walking, hiking, cycling and sailing opportunities to take pleasure in.
There are another thirty one villages on the island, offering an array of authentic restaurants, traditional cafes and fresh seafood. The entire island has 280 kilometres of coastline in total.

Top photograph by Thanasis Panos

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