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This is an art exhibition presented at the Public Art Gallery of Thessaloniki and Apothiki in Limnos.
An old symbol of a divine gift, wine spread in the Mediterranean area, claimed a prominent place in the traditions, beliefs and cults of the people, defined the area, the overall movement of goods and ideas, and became a unifying and integral element of cultures in the passage of centuries.
Through the works of 34 Greek artists “Wine Spirit”, attempts to combine in an original, inventive and imaginative way, ethnographic, geographic, historical, cultural, religious and daily references, all united through the theme of wine.  
The exhibition is organized by the Municipalities of Thessaloniki and Limnos, and developed with the initiative of "Ochre Blue".
It is curated by Yannis Bolis, Art Historian and Curator of the State Museum of Contemporary Art.
Participating artists: Vavatsis Giorgos, Vousouras Andreas, Giannadakis Manolis, Dambasina Lydia, Despoteri Dina, Eleftheriadis Marios, Epitropou Stefanos, Theofilaktou Helen, Inkarnato Paolo, Kavvatha Antigoni, Karlaftopoulos Dimitris Kechagioglou Christos, Kompatsiari Maria, Kontellis Andreas, Kondosphyris Haris, Kotoulas Apostolos, Konstantinidou Despina, Lioukras Sotiris, Manganiotis Alexandros, Mavridis Hector, Makri Teta, Bliatkas Nikolas, Bonatsou Ismene, Xafopoulou Alexia, Papadopoulos Antonis, Papadopoulos Aggeliki, Poulantza Natassa, Sepetzoglou Nikos, Siaterli Dimitra, Sfounis Thomas, Terzis Nikos, George Tsakiris, Tserionis Giorgos, Christoforidou Eirini.
A bilingual catalog in Greek and English will be available. This exhibition will contain also parallel events in Thessaloniki and Limnos, which will include guided tours and wine tasting evenings.
Opening: June 16, 2016
Duration: July 16 - August 17, 2016


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