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Psychologist Petros Kechayas organizes at Apothiki a seminar titled "Knowing and hugging my body: A look into the psychological and nutritional aspects that affect the view we have of our body". 
After the success of the first seminar of this kind and the requests for it to be repeated, Petros Kechayas is oranizing tis seminar again to give an opportunity for more people to attend. The goal of this seminar is to understand the way we look at our body and how this image affects our life. 
Participants will have the opportunity though interactive activities to understand how they feel about their body and how this feeling plays a role in their everyday life. They will explore their thoughts and feelings around this issue and understand the importance of accepting your image. 
This seminar is offered to adults of any sex, who face difficulties with the image they have of their body, to people who face eating people with some physical disability and to those who are simply interested in the subject.

The talk will take place December 9th, 2017, at 17:30, at Apothiki.

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