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The exhibition "In Blue" is an organization of the "Ochra Blue" Art Space and will be inaugurated at the "Apothiki" in Myrina, Limnos on Tuesday, August 7, 2018, 9.00 p.m

Τhe main concept of the exhibition develops in two axes, referring to the sea baths and thermal spas, presenting the body's relation to the water, which is found in all cultures having multiple utilitarian and symbolic dimensions. Water, a key element in the preservation of life and human hygiene, is connected with rituals, such as purifications in Greek antiquity, as well as to baptism in Christian times. In Modern times, already in the 18th century, sea baths had been established for their curative qualities in European countries, a habit which was recorded in the paintings of the early modernism. Gradually from the first decades of the 20th century, the institutionalization of the summer vacations leads to a mass visit to the beach, especially in the post-war years. The beach, as a meeting place where a variety of activities take place, raises questions about the acceptable exposure of the naked body and the commercial exploitation of the natural landscape by tourism, while it can, also, be a place of lonely pleasure and confrontation with nature. On the other hand, thermal spas are equally popular for a more localized age group, mostly for middle-aged and elderly people, who co-exist for a short period of time, aiming to treat illnesses or to take preventive care for their health. Within this theme, paintings, drawings, photographs and a documentary film are presented in the exhibition.

The artists:

Lefteris Veletzas, Chryssa Verghi, Yiorgos Depollas, Christos Dimitriou, Lizzie Calligas, Georgios Katsagelos, Christos Kechagioglou, Nikos Kokkalis, Andreas Kontellis, Sotiris Lioukras, Olga Mitseli, Irene Mnatsakanian, Zisis Bliatkas, Nicolas Bliatkas, Eva Stefani, Nikos Chatzismalis


Curators: Zoi Godosi and Syrago Tsiara

Coordination: Nicolas Βliatkas


Duration : 7 – 25 Αugust 2018

Daily:19.00- 22.30                                

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