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Jon Kennerly Photography exhibition, September 2023

Art Space “Apothiki” was pleased to host the photography exhibition by Jon Kennerley with images of the people of Myrina going about their daily jobs, taken over a period of forty years, mainly in the 70’s and 80’s.

Jon Kennerley is an amateur photographer who he has developed a special bond with Lemnos, a place he visits almost every year during the last forty years.

The exhibition gave the opportunity of a nostalgic reminiscence of many familiar faces, scenes of daily life as well as aspects of Myrina of the recent past. The photos were a realistic depiction of people, professions and everyday life moments as captured by the photographer, a small part of the social history of the town.

The photos were taken on Kodachrome and Fujichrome colour reversal film.

Opening: Monday, 18th September 2023, 19:00

Duration and opening hours: 18th-28th September, 19:00-23:00

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